Notre Dame is part of the Diocese of Prince George, shepherded by Bishop Stephen Jensen.

The Diocese has a weekly newsletter; find that here: The Wednesday Weekly.

As part of the diocese we share in the diocesan vision: People of God, become who you are.

This vision is based on the four realities of:


We open our hearts to the Living Word of God, Jesus, by listening to the Word proclaimed.

On this site you will find pages and links to the daily scripture readings, and online reflections.

2) CELEBRATION of the community

We respond to a common message. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ calls our participation at the table of the Lord.

We celebrate through Liturgy

On the page relating to the mass you will find the Mass times, Reconciliation times,
and information on the various ministries relating to the Mass:
Eucharistic Ministers
Children’s Liturgy

Integral to the celebration of the community is the process of preparing for the sacraments.

3) FORMATION of community

We gather around the Word. Through our baptism we enter into the community of believers.
God wants us to be in communion, in community.

Parts of the Body which interact with the wider community include:
Notre Dame School
The Catholic Womens’ League
and the The Knight’s of Columbus

4) SERVICE to the community and beyond

Nourished at the Table of the Lord, we are sent out to bring about the
transformation of the world. We reach out to others in service.

The Haiti projects.

This website reflects peoples involvement. It will help you to see the different areas of service and ministries in our parish, and it is an invitation to participate in one or more areas so that our parish may be a greater sign of the presence of the Risen Jesus.

Through whatever struggles and trials you face, remember always that God loves you with an infinite Love.

May God Bless You!

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